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"History of Violence" -- review

Besides having lots of fursuiting fun over the weekend, Kitty and I also took in a movie. While everyone else was seeing "Serenity," we went to see "A History of Violence". I had not heard anything about this movies until I heard a movie review on NPR. It sounded very interesting, and they gave it good reviews. We were not disappointed. It's not a typical Hollywood movie in that there is no clear-cut happy ending and you're never sure who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. I didn't even recognize the lead actor who also played Aragorn from "LotR". Ed Harris plays a wonderfully creepy mobster. I won't say more because saying too much could easily be a spoiler. Half the enjoyment of this type of movie is never being able to predict what the next reactions of the characters will be. I place this movie in the same category as other "thoughtful" mobster movies like "Sexy Beast" or "The Limey."
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