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"Two for the Money" -- review

In addition to Kitty scoring free passes to Wallace and Gromit, she also scored 4 passes to the new Al Pacino / Matthew McConaughey flick Two for the Money. We invited ari_foxy and thipher along. Hey! It was free! And worth every penny.

I resisted checking out the IMDB before the movie. I knew nothing about the plot or anything. I wanted to go into a movie knowing nothing about it. I figured I could give a better unbiased opinion about it. So what did I think. sucked.

What a mess! It's not a movie about sports. It's not a movie about betting about sports. It's a movie about people who provide tips to people who bet on sports. Oh boy! That sounds exciting! The only thing about it is that for as good as the people are supposed to be in predicting outcomes, they're not. A much better example was Robert DeNiro in "Casino." He was a great gambler because he got the inside information and made it pay. I didn't care about any characters in the movie. It was totally heartless. Al Pacino must have needed the money.
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