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Finding Serenity on Columbus Day

I know some of you are sick of all the Serenity-talk in LJ (looks at crocodile and grins) but here is my $0.02 about the movie: wow. Both Kitty and I loved it. It reminded us of Star Trek when it was on the money. Good plot. Great character development. The only thing I wondered was whether someone who had never heard of "Firefly" would give a damn about the characters as much as a fan. *shrugs* Not my worry. I loved it.

It was nice to go to the movies on a Monday. Ahhhhh. Nothing like being a lazy government employee who gets holidays like Columbus Day off with pay. I found it very amusing while working for the Yakima Indian Nation that they also took Columbus Day off. The Indians just shrugged. Hey! It was a day off!
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