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Comic Relief

I have finally started going through boxes and boxes of comics that Kitty brought with her when she left SoCal. A friend of hers owned a comic book store that went out of business and the inventory was dumped at the Kitty Den. For years the collection was stored in an outside shed where it was subjected to some of the ravages of nature. When I visited in February, SoCal was hit by a massive rainstorm. I saw that the shed was leaking and so we did some emergency repairs. Now the stock is in my garage and I'm having fun going through all of the boxes to see what survived. I'm developing an inventory and will post it when I'm done. If you see any titles that capture your interest, send me a check to cover postage and I will mail them out. I'm searching for furry titles, but have only found a few. I was pleased to find a few "old skool" titles like "Flesh and Bones." I remember buying the whole series back in the mid 80's. Anyone remember "Dalgoda?" Oh yeah! Gotta love early furry/anthropomorphic comix. I even found an old Jim Groat "Equine, the Uncivilized." Oh, and I found something called "Detective Comics." It looks like there might be a Batman story in it. I suppose I could let it go for a buck or 2. JOKING!

Oh, and thanks to cubstatik for the new icon. I yoinked it from his post from yesterday.
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