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Takin' what they're givin' cause I'm workin' for a livin'

Had an interesting conversation with a fur yesterday. I was encouraging him to get off his tail and get a job. You can't whine about not having money to go to a con if you don't have a job to get that money in the first place. And yes, life sucks. Once you do have a job, you might not be able to get the time off to get to a con. Welcome to that little thing called reality. It ain't pretty. Unless you're a trust fund kid, you will spend your life working. You will finally get a chance to retire (hopefully) when you're 60-70. Of course you can then be like a retiree from this office who moved down to the Texas coast, started to enjoy life, and died of a massive heart attack. No one said life was fair.

Uncle Bear's words o' wisdom:
If you're in school, are you studying something that you truly enjoy? If not, find something! Also, look down the road 10 years. Will you still be interested in it? What will the job market look like? Think about these things NOW!

If you're out of school and/or working, do you like your job? Will you be doing it in 5 years? 10 years? Is it where you want to be?

A word of advice. Think about the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again." There is a line from that song that I use all of the time; "Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss." Don't quit because of a boss. Unless your boss has been there for years and years and has no desire to move, you will most likely get a new boss somewhere down the line. Don't pray for a new boss. Just when you think a boss can't be any worse, you will find out that it might not be true. Go for the job satisfaction. Do you like what you're doing and they are paying you enough? Yes? Then stick with it.

I also realize that there is a youth factor involved. The younger you are, the greater the desire to chase a dream. There is a drive to get as much experience as possible. There is always something better over the next hill. 15 years ago I had 3 jobs in one year. The next job lasted 2 years. The next, 6. I have now surpassed that in my current job. I am now seeing the long-term patterns. It helps in that I know what to ignore and what to take seriously. My boss 13 years ago had been in his position for about 30 years. He never had a desire to move. He had great institutional knowledge. He was a great mentor. He had seen all sorts of things before and knew what was bullshit and what was truly innovative.

One final thing; don't limit yourself. My dream job in college was a national park ranger. I was offered a job with the park service's ugly sister agency, the Bureau of Land Management. I discovered that it was probably more to my liking than the NPS. I then tried to get a job as a resource specialist but had to detour through the Bureau of Reclamation. I thought I didn't like my job. I wanted streams! Instead I worked on wells. What I realize now was that it was actually a pretty fun and interesting job and that I learned a great deal. When I moved to ABQ I was made a planner. Talk about a square peg in a round hole! I need instant gratification! I need to know that my decision today will make a difference tomorrow, not next year. And so I weaseled my way into my current position.

wow. It ended up being a serious Wednesday post on a Friday. I had better lighten up!
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