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Kitty and I have been on a Netflix binge this weekend. We finished disk 1 of "Lost" and are awaiting disks 2 and 3. Last night we watched "The Bourne Identity" in anticipation of getting "The Bourne Supremacy" next week. And then there was "Eraserhead." I had heard that it was a mindfuck of a movie. It was a campus cult classic when I was going to school 20 years ago. For some reason I never went. It was almost impossible to find at your average movie rental place, but thanks to Netflix, we were finally able to see it. And I thought "Mulholland Drive" and "Twin Peaks" was f*cked up! See this movie while on drugs. David Lynch would be great at making videos for Tool.

Poll #591573 Eraserhead

Concerning the movie "Eraserhead"by David Lynch

I have seen the movie and it is cinematic brilliance
I have seen the movie and have no idea WTF it is about
I have heard about the movie and will probably rent it soon
I have no idea WTF you're talking about
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