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Weekend Fursuiting

Ah! Yet another fine weekend of fursuiting! *happy bear dance* This weekend Zunipup was asked to fursuit for Animal Humane for an open house event put on by one of the local builders. A new housing development is going up just to the north of Fur Central and the company was putting on a little event to get people up there to see the new homes. I was pleased to hear that they had specifically asked for Zunipup to be there. The company, Longsford Homes, has a dog as their "mascot" and thought Zuni would be a great addition to their festivities. You betcha Kitty and I were promoting the idea of having me as their official mascot if they wanted one.

The weather was very overcast on Saturday. It was cool and breezy, perfect suiting weather. The event started at 11, but things were barely started by that time. Kitty and I decided to check out some new homes in an adjacent development. When we returned things were slow, but starting to pick up. There was an extra bonus for doing this event; FREE BURRITOS! A local Mexican chain was passing out free breakfast burritos. I snarfed one down and then suited up (after a breath mint.) It was a very slow event, but I posed for a few photos with the staff. State Farm Insurance had a gal in a bear suit, so I got a pic with her. You could tell she was just doing it for the job because she was originally parading around without her head on. Animal Humane had a real dog there as well who was up for adoption. Chuck the yellow lab was a real sweetheart. Well, he was a sweetie until he saw me in suit. Chuck was not happy. I could tell from his barks that he was very afraid/threatened. I got down on all fours and displayed a "let's play!" posture. He was still not happy. Finally someone suggested that he sniff me like a regular dog. After a quick butt sniff Chuck realized that I was alright and began playfully chewing on my paw. After that Chuck was pretty bored with me. About 30 minutes into the gig, the skies opened up. We just stood there under the tent and waited for it to quit, which it didn't do. After an hour we called it quits and headed home. We were a little disappointed, however, it was a 2-day event. We would try again on Sunday.

Sunday was bright and sunny. It was very nice suiting weather. I got suited up after snarfing down yet another free breakfast burrito. We headed over to the playground area near the event to get some photos. We shot some fun pics and were pounced by a few kiddies. Even though the weather was nicer, there still weren't many people. We hit up all of the local radio station booths that were set up and collected free schwag. I also met up with Gumbo the bulldog. Like Chuck, he was very afraid of me. After a little coaxing, however, I soon had him jumping all over me trying to stick his muzzle into Zuni's mesh-covered mouth. I also met "volcano baby." I was posing for a picture with an 8-month old baby. He was so happy to see me! He had such a cute smile on his face. After a few photos Kitty was talking to the mother. I was waving to the little boy who still had a huge smile on his face. All of a sudden this glob of yellow goo came pouring out from his mouth. Luckily I was far enough away that I was not in the blast radius, but I was amazed at how quickly the little guy spit up. A second later he was looking back at me with that same smile on his face. If anything it proved the potential hazard of posing with little kids.

Oh...and I suppose you want pictures. Fine.

Zuni and Chuck

Zuni and Gumbo

Zuni and the State Farm Bear

Howlin' like a yote.

Fun at the park

Wheee! Dog slide!
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