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A light, fluffy Tuesday post

My love affair with XM continues. I heard a song this morning that I hadn't heard since high school. I had no idea who sang it back then. Now I know! It was Gary Numan. No, it wasn't "Cars."

They have been on an X kick lately. Not that there's anything wrong with that! I had a physics TA in college who loved X and the Ramones. What a geek! But a geek who had good taste in music.

I made corn bread last night to go with the chili con carne I had made the night before. Since all of the mixing bowls and spoons were out, I made a zucchini bread as well. Tasty! I think I added too many fresh-from-the-garden jalapenos, however. I have a new definition of "Ring of Fire."

I am watching the weather radar with great anticipation. The storm that has dumped on everyone in SoCal is headed this way. Hopefully there will be a nice light show here tonight.

Stay furry!
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