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Pearl Necklace

No serious Wednesday post today just more weirdness from the demented mind of the bear.

OK. We know there is a vore fetish which I must admit turns me on. Last week I discovered a fetish of being covered in some type of goo. I forgot what that fetish was called, but I must admit that it had an arousal factor as well. I remember seeing pics of blob vore on some site awhile back, so I know that exists. Yeah, I remember seeing "Revenge of the Blob" as a kid and getting turned on. Then of course there is zentai which is the complete covering of the body, usually with spandex. Throw in trapped-in-a-fursuit fetish and you get the picture that I enjoy all things where the body is completely covered by something else. If Freud was analyzing me he would probably say that it was a desire to return to the womb. Hmmmm. I'm not really into the reverse childbirth stuff. I just think about that episode of South Park when Kenny crawls up inside Miss Crabtree when he would do anything for money. *laughs*

So where am I going with this? Well, Kitty and I were joking about vore the other day and I mentioned getting trapped inside of a giant clam. This schtick was a favorite in old cartoons. That's probably what warped my mind as a kid. I can even picture a Popeye episode where a clam closes in on a shark, there is chewing noises, and then the clam spits out a shark skeleton. I thought that was hot. Well, not the being skeletonized by a clam, but the clam vore. So now lets take the weirdness to a new level. Getting swallowed by a giant oyster, but not devoured. Rather, you would essentially be turned into a giant pearl by the oyster. Total encapsulation by pearl either inside a sphere or in your present form, just completely covered in pearl! So....have I set a new standard in weirdness? Has someone already thought of this? Anyone wanna draw this? Anyone wanna pay for my psychoanalysis?

Also, what would it be called? Pelecypodiphilia? Ostrakonivoriphilia?
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