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"The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told"

I had my introduction to gay theater last night. Kitty and I were looking for something to do on Saturday since our half-assed attempt at fursuit bowling fizzled. She saw that there was a play at UNM which dealt with re-telling the Bible but with a gay twist. It sounded interesting and so she tried to get tickets earlier in the week for next weekend. Nope. Sold out. But there were a few seats available for this Saturday. So she bought them. tenax was going to come up to ABQ anyway, so we picked up a ticket for him as well. It was a fun evening!

The play tells some of the stories in Genesis but with Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve. They live together with Jane and Mabel, as opposed to Cain and Abel. Together they have adventures like living on an ark during the flood and getting it on with some of the animals (I kid you not!). The Pharaoh of Egypt is extremely flamey with his little boy toy Moses. The first half ends with Mabel giving birth to a miraculous baby.

The second half of the play takes place in modern day New York. All of the characters discuss the meaning of God. It was very well acted but the material seemed somewhat cliche. Mabel was going to give birth to the baby sired by Adam. Steve is Adam's mate but he is dying of AIDS. The lighthearted comedy of most of the play gives way to a serious discussion about death and the meaning of life.

Overall it was a fine performance. It was extremely interesting to have God played by the stage director who directed lighting and scenery cues at the front of the stage. I have never seen the Creation story done like that. Very effective! In addition to the ark bestiality scene (done with tails and ears and a slinky cat suit) there was full frontal nudity when Adam and Steve are banished from Paradise. There was also highly suggestive scenes involving anal and oral sex. God: "Cue orgasm!" We had heard that some Fundie Christian group had protested an earlier performance. *shrugs* That didn't seem to matter much to the packed house.
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