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Back to the present

So I have spent the past 2 days reminiscing about the 80's. Let's bring things back to the present. I'll post one more pic today to either
A) Make you laugh/smile and get your weekend going on a fun note.
B) Make you want to rip out your eyes like a scene from "Saw."
C) Make you want to get me alone in a room at MFF or FC

You know I'm a big fan of self deprecating humor, so I'm not embarrassed to post a pic like this. I just can't take myself that seriously. I'm hoping I can look at this pic in 20 years and enjoy it as much as the ones I have posted in the past few days.

I call this either, "The Silver Surfer Has Really Let Himself Go!" or "I am a reject from Woody Allen's "Sleeper." I also might bring this to MFF and Jugular can drag me around the con as a raccoon attractant. Shiny!

Have a great weekend!

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