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Zoo Boo '05 and a frightfully busy weekend

Happy Halloween! Put on your fursuit and run around like the normal folk!

What a wonderful weekend! It might not have been a Furfright or Furloween, but it was still pretty darn great. The fun started on Friday evening with a party at feralmuse's. I dressed up as Tigger. I didn't want to wear a complete fursuit because I wanted to be able to eat and drink. Got in some good snuggling with project122 and hung out with a few other friends including edthecabbit, yiffyraptor, and rexar. Kitty had a performance that night but she arrived later in the evening. There was a guy at the party in an inflatable penis suit. I got all gay with him and there are some incriminating pics out there somewhere. The funniest thing was when a little girl saw his costume and asked what it was. He told her he was a banana.

Saturday was one of the days I look forward to every year, Zoo Boo! I knew this year was going to be crazy when we got there before 12 and there was not a parking space to be found. I had to haul my critter coffin from a few blocks away. I quickly suited up and was instantly mobbed. I tried to make my way to the big grassy area where a lot of the events were taking place but was stopped every few feet by parents wanting pictures. I finally made it to the grass and it was non-stop picture taking for an hour. I took a quick break and did another hour session. It was just freakin' crazy! Kitty was not only a handler and a photographer, but a referee as well. I was in awe when I heard her telling people that "the line starts over there." Line?!? I had 20+ families lined up waiting to get a pic with me! Once in awhile a parent would just walk over and grab a pic. This pissed off people waiting in line and fights almost broke out! Like I said, this year was CRAZY! I have never seen that many people. You betcha I'll do it again next year! It's soooooo much fun!

Things I learned: 1) Do NOT drink a pot of coffee before suiting! When my caffeine high crashed, I was totally wiped out and almost couldn't perform. 2) When dealing with persons who want you to hold their baby, kneel down and have the baby sit on your knee. It's still a cute pic and they are only a foot from the ground. Plus, if they become "volcano baby" most of your suit is safe.

A nice group of furs showed up at the zoo. I was pleased! After I was finished we all headed back to Fur Central. Kitty took off for her performance and the rest of us watched "Drawn Together." Half of the group went then went to see "Doom" while 4 of us went to see Kitty perform in the opera "Julius Caesar." It was a nice show even though it was like seeing a foreign film without dubbing or subtitles.

Sunday was crash and recover day. Kitty and I watched 4 more episodes of "Lost," cleaned up the house, and took a nice stroll through the cottonwood forest along the Rio Grande which was beautiful with all of the trees changing color. I then treated us to a nice seafood dinner at a local restaurant.

Oh! Did I mention I have pics!

The NM Furs! 2 that I forgot their names, kit_foxy, skitzycat, and shimmerfox

I feel like chicken tonight

Cutest Harry Potter EVAR!

Is that your trunk or are you just happy to see me?

Bringing peace between black and white

Another customer for Ysengrin in about 20 years

Something for those into macro and/or inflatables
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