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Would you like some candy, little boy?

Kitty and I had a most enjoyable Halloween. I quickly made a casserole for dinner after walking Anubis. I was hoping the kiddies wouldn't start arriving until after 6. There was a knock at the door and Kitty answered. They weren't trick-or-treaters per se. It was project122, edthecabbit and their friends Tim and Quinn. There was much snuggling and then I got into Sabot to pass out candy. We had a pretty good turn out with about 30 kids. Most were shocked to see a big brown bear open the door. My neighbors brought over their kids and I was so happy to see their daughter all excited to see the bear. I was about to de-suit around 8 when there was another knock at the door. We were surprised by ari_foxy, thipher_84, and jeil_kitty. More snuggling ensued. I then popped "Hellraiser" into the dvd player and we all sat back and watched. We said our goodbyes just before 10 and then I crashed hard. I think the flu is trying to take over my body. We shall see if I make it through the day.
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