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Back at work.....but not for long!

Felt good enough to go back to work today. It's not like I'll be here much this month anyway. Here's my schedule for the rest of the month. Next week: In on Monday and then off to Vegas for a conference from Tuesday to Thursday. Friday is a holiday. The week after: Go in on Monday and then I'm off to MFF for the rest of the week. The week after that: Back from MFF on Mon, work Tues and Wed, off for Thanksgiving Thurs and Fri. So in the next 3 weeks I work 4 days! Woohoo!

Also, I just found out that my week-long training a few months ago was not enough. I need another week-long course. *facepaws* The only bright side is that it is not taught locally, so I have to go to one of several locations around the country. Washington DC? San Diego? Phoenix? Anybody want a bear to snuggle for a week? *grins*

A reminder! If you have no place to go for Thanksgiving, Fur Central will be hosting an open invitation to any furs looking for furry family. We already have several from SoCal coming in so the den will be full. Don't expect luxury accomodations, but there will be lots o' love. I will be cooking up a big turkey with all the fixins. There will be a holiday parade on Friday in which I hope to secure a spot for fursuiters.
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