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Viva Lost Wages

I'm back from Las Vegas. Overall it was a pretty good conference. I learned a few things and I was able to catch up with an old buddy from my previous job. It sucked being alone. I am so used to furry cons where I could easily get a group together to do things. Here I only knew a couple of people and they all took off to do their own things. I had a little angst attack on Tuesday night as I walked alone down the Strip. The raccoon side of me was all happy with the shinies. My bear side didn't want to be around so many people and I wanted to run and hibernate. I found a ghetto liquor store/casino/lounge near my hotel (I was staying at the Flamingo) and I bought a couple of 40's. I retreated to my room and got buzzed.

Things were a little better on Wednesday night as I found a few people to go have dinner with. I dropped $50 at the blackjack tables, but I had a good time. I hit the ghetto store again but only bought 1 40.

The Las Vegas airport is insane. I got to experience the latest in the arsenal against terrorism. You step into this little booth and air jets fire all over your body. I guess it sniffs for explosives. I still had to go through a metal detector after that. Get ready to experience a blow job at an airport near you!
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