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MFF Report - A pictorial post

I was going to just do links to pics but decided, "What the hell! This is my LJ! I'm gonna post a shitload of pics and put them behind cuts. If you don't like it, you don't have to click!" If you don't click, however, you will miss lots of cute fursuit pics!

nevermint, myself, 2 others and brace_bear in the lobby

Aerak, snow_kitty, theome, myself, and cadpigjr

nevermint, carol_kitty in Abbey, stria_inbiri, jugularjaguar, and Michael Raccoon

The fox, the okapi, the coon, the puppy, and the wolf

Myself, theome as Pepper Pup and snow_kitty as Sonny

bradhound tries to ignore me and nevermint as we attack taren's tail

nevermint, direwolf23, bradhound, tekfox, myself, and lonewolf_csu

Michael Raccoon, tilt_longtail, and Kitty as Abbey

jugularjaguar tries make us think that he doesn't like coons by putting up signs

But we all KNOW that he secretly had a thing for coons!

Even out of suit!

The tree frog suit was both disturbing and arrousing

freakylynx tries a little LARP Halo

Why does this look like something out of "Futurama?"

Myself and damnbear

justincheetah takes a ride on the carousel fox

carol_kitty decides to just stand beside it and not have a ride

chakawolf shows off his new fursuit

cadpigjr looks sexy as usual

jugularjaguar shows off his new fursona, Calamity Cougar, or as I like to call him, White Trash Puma

freakylynx has a good time in the fursuit parade

lilpup has fun with a "Father of the Pride" reference

swift_fox keeps the hotel safe from smoke bombs in the stairwells

theome as Pepper Pup

tilt_longtail hams it up for the camera (as usual)

vircoo gives his fans a wave
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