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Death Cab for Tookie

I really love listening to "Democracy Now." They always hitch their wagons to the worst stars. First they tried to garner support for a U.S. soldier who deserted to Canada. His excuse: War wasn't fun! Yesterday they did a long interview with Tookie Williams who is sentenced to die in 2 weeks in CA for the deaths of 4 people. He's more famous as the founder of the Crips gang in LA.

I love listening to death row inmates talk about how their lives should be spared. Of course he is innocent. Everyone in prison is innocent. He's only there because of racism. Riiiight! And he formed the Crips to fight against all of the rival gang fights that were taking place in Compton. Oh! I guess the Crips were supposed to be like UN peacekeepers! I guess all of the drugs and other stuff was just the white media trying to make you look bad.

The arguments against his death sentence were pretty funny. He has been "redeemed!" He has no regret for his crime (because he's innocent, don't forget) but rather he has seen the light that violence is bad and he wants to bring peace to the ghetto. Why, he has even written children's books! We can't execute a person who writes children's books! There is a massive campaign going on to spare his life. Come on, people! Can't you find a better cause than to fight to spare the life of a murdering gang member?!?
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