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Ow! My nuts got cracked!

Nah. I didn't receive a hit to the crotch. Fooled ya! Instead Kitty and I went to go see The Nutcracker Suite at UNM last night. It was pretty good and the music was provided by the New Mexico Symphony. I think this makes about 5 or 6 times that I have seen this ballet. It's just part of the Christmas tradition for me. I still fondly remember my mother taking me to see it in Chicago when I was a cub. Kitty and I saw it last year at one of the smaller theaters. It's also a tradition of mine to play the soundtrack at the office on the day before I leave for Xmas vacation. I really love the music even though Tchaikovsky supposedly hated it and thought it was his worst work.

I wasn't too thrilled at some of the staging during the party scene, but was pleasantly surprised by some pyrotechnics (although I did have visions of a Great White concert after it happened). The mice/rat warriors and Rat King fursuits were very well done. The Rat King even had glowing red eyes! It was also nice seeing all of those men in tights and I dreamed about wearing some of those gorgeous ballerina outfits ;oP
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