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For the Birds

Like most of the country we are experiencing a cold snap here in New Mexico. The only bad thing is that we still need to get snow. Our snowpacks are 10-20% of normal. Right now they are worse than Dec 2001 which was the start of one of the worst runoff years in history. *crosses claws that we get snow SOON!*

I decided to give the birds that visit my yard a little treat. Since I knew they need food to keep their body temperatures up, I doubled the amount of seed I usually put out. Ever since the pigeons stopped coming to my yard I have been actively feeding the birds again. This morning I was greeted by a sight that shocked me. There were over 30 mourning doves all clamoring for the seed. I have never seen that many doves before. The previous day I had counted more than 30 scaled quail in the yard. Within a few minutes I had identified about a half dozen different species of birds including juncos, sparrows, finches, and towhees. It made me happy to know that I was helping to keep so many feathered friends alive. I also have a water dish with a heating cord in it to keep it unfrozen. It has been so friggin' cold, however, that only a very narrow strip of open water is available for the birds right along the heating cord. Everything else is frozen solid.
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