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Bear on a bike

I thought I had better make a post today to keep my fanboi happy. *waves paw* Hi Hun!

Very Cool! The radio station is playing one of my listener sets right now! I even got a nice Sabot the Bear plug. Yeah, the d.j. digs me! The set is the Police's "Don't Stand So Close to Me", Steely Dan's "Cousin Duprey", and Jill Sobule's "I Kissed a Girl". The answer is Forbidden Love. *grin*
I felt I had better get off my fat bruin ass today and so I rode my bike to work. It was a nice ride, but my rear wheel is out of true, so it was rubbing. It gave me quite a workout since it was like riding with my brake on part of the time. Time to take it to the shop.

So now I'm sitting here at my desk with a great feeling one gets after a hard workout. The world seems good right now. Rats! I have a meeting! So much for that good feeling! *LOL* I have been tasked with this "important" study that the big whigs in DC want. It's not too difficult, but the results will be a huge S.W.A.G. (scientific wild ass guess). I just have to predict the weather for the next 10 years.

Big bear hugs to berin for a nice chat last night. It was also great to hear from pagansparkles again. Whoot! Beer tomorrow! I also agreed to host a whelpday party for tenax this Sunday. Now I have to clean the house. D'oh! I'm also looking forward to fursuiting on Saturday for Talking Talons Nature Center. Thanks to emberflowers for getting me the gig!

Saw 2 coyotes on my walk last night. Anubis had a good chase!

I hope this makes your day, Al! *HUG* See ya online tonight I hope!
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