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Random journals

Has anyone ever played with the function to search random journals? It seems to be a pretty messed up function. I was bored yesterday and decided to check out some random LJ's. It seemed, however, that several of the LJ's I visited had been visited by many others who left comments that they had found the journal using the random function. I also noticed one user doing the same thing I was doing and he had left comments on several different LJ's. What was also weird was that many of the posts were not recent at all and the comments from the person I saw numerous times were made over a month ago. That doesn't sound random to me! It appears that the admins pick out certain LJ posts and makes them available to those that click on the random function. That kinda sucks.

In other news we have our office Christmas party at lunchtime today. The good news is that I will be fursuiting! They wanted Santa Bear to hand out toys to some of the kids that will be there, so Nevada will make a brief appearance. There will also be a "dirty Santa" gift exchange. I will contribute a tiger plush that sings "Wild Thing." I picked it up at the MFM charity auction for just this purpose. People go nuts over stuff like that.
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