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The post party report

Santa Bear was a big hit yesterday. There were only about 6 kids at the party and it was split evenly between those that were afraid and those that wanted hugs. I was told that even the kids that were afraid later told mommy and daddy that the bear was cool. *smiles* Several pictures were taken, but I didn't like any of them. I thought this one was cute, however, because it looks like Nevada is devouring the poor little girl.

Today we had our division lunch at Macaroni Grill. *burp* OMG! I'm stuffed!

I also just opened an email from D.C. reminding us of our ethics when receiving gifts from outside entities. It also reminds us that consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited unless a waiver is granted. I find this highly amusing since I have heard that the alcohol flows like water at Xmas parties in our D.C. office. I also find it very insulting that we have to be reminded that there is a restriction of $20 as the maximum value of a gift we may receive from an outside entity, yet members of Congress are flown all over the world by corporations and such. That's o.k., but here we sweating the fact that someone had given our office a few smoked salmon that might be worth more than $20. We solved the dilemma by having everyone help in the disposal of the evidence. *burp*
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