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"The Producers" -- review

We scored free movie passes to the advance screening of "The Producers" yesterday. It's the movie of the musical based on a movie. I loved the original with Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel, and the "Springtime for Hitler" musical number is classic! My review of the new movie of the musical...meh. Matthew Broderick may have been great on Broadway, but he seemed like he was overacting terribly. Nathan Lane did a good job. Uma Thurman is incredibly sexy, but fails as a Swede. The only real highlight for me was the over-the-top song, "Make it Gay!" "Springtime for Hitler" seemed very rushed. There was a lot more of the musical in the original movie. I found myself bored at many places in the movie. So overall, not bad. I have never seen the musical, so I can't comment on how closely it followed. If you go and see the movie, wait until the very end. There is a little extra.
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