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Twas the Friday Before Christmas

Not many people in the office today. My commute was also a breeze with few cars on the road. It should be like this all the time!

Exchanged emails with the T'birds general manager last night. I am set to perform tonight. Whooot! I'll be greeting folks as they arrive and perhaps doing something with the actual mascot. It will be great to finally see the suit! Of course there will be pictures. Kitty had bought an old Santa suit last year when I complained that the suit I borrowed for the office party last year sucked muchly. I tried the coat on over Nevada last night and it fits! It looks awesome! I really become Christmas Bear.

I found out yesterday while chatting with knaaks that the Albuquerque Scorpions have cancelled their season. They are our minor league hockey team. They will be moving to Rio Rancho (a "suburb" of Albuquerque) next year and I guess they just decided to can this season. This is good news, actually. I was bummed that I had thought I had missed the tryouts for Stanley Scorpion, their mascot, since the tryouts were supposidly held in July when I was at AC. Perhaps I have another shot now. Yes, it is a creepy suit.

I'll be putting on my cd of the Nutcracker Suite in a couple of hours. Thus will continue a tradition I started 13 years ago. And the bigwigs in Washington gave us the afternoon off. Whoot! I'll be meeting Kitty for lunch and then heading over to the T'birds office to get my tickets and parking pass.

One more time......Whoot!
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