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"King Kong" -- review and more

Kitty and I went to see "King Kong" yesterday. We went to the 1st show and it almost was a washout since the Dolby channel that handled dialog went out. They fixed the problem, but I think we missed out on some of the experience because it was probably not as good as it could have been *shrugs*. We were lucky we went to the 1st showing. There was a line of about 100-200 people for the next showing. Overall I liked the movie. King Kong is almost a Shakespearean character. You know he's gonna die. You know that the relationship is doomed, but the story is still gripping. My only complaint was that it was a bit too "Jurrasic Park" in places. Although I think Peter Jackson's dinos were better than Speilberg's. The giant bug scene was one of the scariest scenes I have seen in a long time. Kitty was almost curled up in my lap during that scene. Overall, a very good movie. I'm glad we saw it on the big screen.

And now my mini rant about Hollywood. I know the basic premise of movies, especially action/adventure/sci-fi is that you suspend reality for 2-3 hours. I don't have a problem with that. Yes! Superman CAN fly! Luke and Leia dolive in a galaxy far far away! My only complaint is when the action takes place on this planet and regular humans are involved, the basic laws of physics should apply. I am totally sick of seeing people dangling from buildings/cliffs/airplanes by one hand (or 2 for that matter) and pulling themselves up or having someone pull them up. Try it some time! It's not that easy! While goofing around at a playground last year I dangled from the monkey bars with one arm. Not only could I only hold that position for only a few seconds, but my arm ached for a week afterward! A variation of this is the grab while seemingly plunging to your death. You try grabbing a rope or a ledge while falling more than a few feet without ripping your arms out of their sockets. So Hollywood....stop it! It's cliche'!

My other complaint is the pursuit. I noticed this in Narnia as well. You see a chase going on. You can see from a long shot that the pursuers are closing rapidly on those being chased. All of a sudden the shot changes and the ones being chased now have about 100 yards between them and their pursuers. Soon they have all day to hide when a moment ago they were about to be captured. Is this some sort of bullet time?!? I know it is used to build suspense, but it ruins the "realism." Speaking of bullet time, why is it that when a bad guy is firing a gun at someone, the person always has time to open a door or duck around a corner and barely make it before the bullets hit. Are you Superman and faster than a speeding bullet?!? Once again, bad cliche. Stop it! OK Rant over.
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