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A slow week

Not much going on in the office this week. I do have to balance all of my water books by the end of the week, but I can also take care of any discrepancies with some creative accounting next week.

I have jury duty starting today. yay. Maybe I'll get another murder trial like last time to make it worthwhile.

Had a nice visit with furitz last night. He's in town visiting his folks for the holidays. Went to dinner at Quarters BBQ. Yummy!

Got an email from the T-Birds. Reading between the lines it's "KTHNXBYE." Kinda like "we'll keep your resume' on file for future reference. *shrugs* At least my name is out there and I had one day of suiting fun. Every bit of experience is valuable.

Had the lunch from Hell yesterday. Kitty and I went to the Route 66 Diner which normally is very good. I ordered a hamburger covered in green chili stew. It took forever to get and then when I cut it open I found it was bright pink. Rare steak is o.k. Raw hamburger is not! Sent it back. A few minutes later I get a replacement. After about 3 forkfulls I bite down on something very hard with a sickening crunching sound. I'm thinking, "Oh shit! I broke another tooth!" I get the foreign object out of my mouth and find a small piece of porcelain. It's not my tooth. It's a bit of plate! The manager apologizes profusely and comps the whole meal. Thank doG Kitty wasn't too hungry so I ate half of her sandwich. At least the egg nog milkshake was tasty.
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