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"Brokeback Mountain" -- review

Last night Kitty and I went to see "Brokeback Mountain." I would have waited for it to come out on DVD, but I feel it is important to send a message to Hollywood that there are people interested in alternative theater and that they don't have to keep sending us the same old shit in order to make money. I think that message will come through loud and clear with this movie since the theater was almost sold out and the showing after ours WAS sold out. It sucked major balls that we were stuck in the 4th row, but those were just about the only seats left.

Now I have read a few reviews on my friends' pages that have ranged from "best movie of the century!" to "OMG! That sucked!" I will be somewhere in between, but definitely more towards the "it was a very good movie."

I definitely think that Heath Ledger will get a nomination for Best Actor for his role. I also think that Michelle Williams will get a nomination for her role as Ennis' wife. The scenery was gorgeous and made me miss Wyoming. I spent a Summer there in '86 for geology field camp.

There were a lot of plot points that hit home and many that missed. Having worked a few Summers in a small farming and ranching community in eastern Oregon, I could also identify with the sense of isolation of being different in a small town. I can appreciate the plight of my 2 dear lesbian friends that lived 100 miles apart in redneck country. I could also identify with the trials and tribulations of an LDR as seen so often with my friends on LJ. I know what it's like to "go through the motions" to make the world think you're normal. I know there are several people on my friends list who went through sham marriages while keeping their gay side firmly in the closet until they couldn't stand it any longer. So in that sense I know that the movie portrayed events that can and do happen in every day life to many of us.

I had a real problem with the development of the love story between the 2. It seemed too Hollywood that 2 people meet and the next minute are having sex. There was no buildup to the relationship. Just because 2 men live together alone in the woods for a few months means they're going to get gay with each other. Did they both have gaydar and know that the other wanted each other? There was nothing to suggest that either of them wanted each other. Perhaps I missed something. I just thought it was too rushed without any sign that there was a love developing. And the brief sex scene was ruined for me by a bunch of giggling teenagers in back of me. That didn't help.

Where I think the movie hit on a great theme was the fact that not only were the men affected by their LDR but their wives were also caught up and their lives shattered by the love affair. Overall I thought it was a terrific drama. I'm not sure if it would be worthy of Best Picture, but it will definitely be nominated.
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