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First post of '06

Not much happened over the weekend. We were supposed to go visit my sister and brother-in-law, but he just had massive oral surgery and was not up to playing host. Fair enough. So Kitty and I just hung out at Fur Central. I let her watch figure skating and she let me watch football. Go Wisconsin! Go Ohio State! (sorry racethecoon) I'll be rooting for Penn State tonight. I don't really care who wins the Texas v USC game. I'll still probably watch since it's supposed to be a good game.

I miss the good old days when the bowl games had such simple names like Rose, Fiesta, Orange, etc. Having corporate sponsorship names really sucks! I can sort of tolerate names like Tostitos Fiesta Bowl because it at least maintains the original name. Outback Bowl?!? Excuse me?!

All of the Christmas decorations came down. That's one task out of the way.

I created a new LJ today. It's abq_west_mesa. I plan on shooting one pic every day when I take Anubis for his walkies up on the mesa. I want to document not only the overall changes of the area as suburban sprawl slowly creeps in, but to also document the change in the seasons and such. If I see a new wildflower blooming or some new bug or bird make its first appearance of the year, I will photo-document it. I still need to post yesterday's pic. I want to document the construction of the Paseo del Norte extension. This road construction project has been controversial for years. All of the legal barriers have been cleared and construction will begin shortly. In a way it is the beginning of the end of the open space in back of my house, but I know that growth is inevitable.
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