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Travelling Bear

It looks like I have quite a few trips planned for the next 2 months. This could get interesting since I also have to get out my big report for 2005. Looks like I'll be a busy bear!

Jan 10-11 Grand Junction, Colorado Regional USBR Water Meeting
Jan 14-24 Sacramento, CA and FC! Whoot!
Feb 5-12 San Diego, CA A week-long training class so I can become a contracting official. Any SoCal furs want to party?
Mar 7-8 Boulder, CO. Riverware Users Group Conference. A training class for the computer model I use for my water accounting.

Of course there is the big meeting with the states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas when I show them my numbers from 2005. That will be at least one day in Santa Fe during the week of March 1. I better get my tail in gear and make sure my numbers all check out.

So if you live in the cities I mentioned and want to get together with the bear, drop me a line!
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