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The Million Dollar Highway

It appears that my one-night trip to Grand Junction has turned into a 3-day road trip. When I checked Orbitz the other day it looked like airfare was going to be around $300 a person. With 4 of us going, that would be $1200. That's not unreasonable considering that if we drove, the cost came out to around $1300. Factored in was a day's labor for 4 people plus 2 extra nights in hotels for each person. The only problem was that when our secretary went to make travel arrangements the price had shot up to $900 a person. $900?!?!?! To go to freakin' Grand Junction Colorado?!? It's less than 400 miles away! We could buy round-trip tix to Europe for less! So now the cost became $3600 for flying and $1300 for driving. It looks like we'll be driving.

The idea of a roadtrip with the 3 other hydrologists/engineers is not a bad thing. We all get along very well and have similar senses of humor. It should be a fun trip. The only downside is that the most direct route goes to Durango, CO and up and over several mountain passes, the highest being Red Mountain at just over 11,000'. The route is called The Million Dollar Highway because the views are supposedly worth $1,000,000. There was also a fable that the road construction used tailings from some of the nearby gold mines and that there is $1 million in gold mixed in with the concrete. In Summer this is an incredibly beautiful drive. This, however, is the middle of Winter. I am not looking forward to negotiating this pass even though we will have a 4-wheel drive vehicle. If worse comes to worse we can swing a bit to the west and go up through Moab.
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