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The trial: Day 4- The Verdict

The case came to an end today. The defense rested around noon, and we had closing arguments when we returned from our court-provided lunch. No one knew what to expect since no one knew what everyone else had been thinking. Within minutes we realized that we were all pretty much on the same page. The doctor in the case made a couple of screw ups, but they didn't rise to the level of malpractice. Of the 12 jurors who voted, 11 voted in favor of the defense. In a civil case only 10 votes are needed for a decision. We presented our verdict, and that was the end. We contacted one of the alternate jurors who was not allowed to vote and asked him how he would have voted. He had agreed with us as well. The only thing that sucks muchly is that even though we all spent 4 days with this trial, we all could still be potentially called again next week since our time in service is 3 weeks. Screw that! I'm going to FC!

So what was the trial all about? It involved a man who went to the ER complaining about severe abdominal pain. The symptoms were classic for an appendicitis. A surgeon was called and she performed an appendectomy. It turned out that the appendix was not diseased, but that is the case in 10-20% of the time. The patient developed a wound infection, but that was taken care of. He still felt ill and so a barium enema was ordered to check out his lower GI tract. He missed his appointment and he got sicker. He finally went to another doctor who gave him the enema. Right after the enema was administered he ended up back in the ER with more pain. They did another surgery and found potential small leaks in his intestine. They fixed that problem and he recovered. It turned out that the original diagnosis was wrong and he had had a severe urinary tract infection. The only problem was that he never described symptoms characteristic of a UTI. He sued the doctor who had done the appendectomy because he thought she had jumped the gun with surgery and had misdiagnosed the UTI. We all agreed that there were a few mistakes made by the doctor in terms of record keeping, but that her actions pretty much fell in line with what any doctor might have done. We felt bad for the patient because he had been through hell for a few months, but his misery could not be directly tied to the doctor.

And so here is my word of advice. Whenever you have medical problems, make sure everything is documented accurately and in detail. Be sure to tell the doctor all of your symptoms and be as precise as you can. It may save you a whole lot of problems.

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