Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Live from the Grizzly Den

I am much closer to FC than I was a few days ago. I am currently in Sacramento visiting ursuscal and will be winding my way to San Jose tomorrow. I have been hanging out here over the past few days enjoying the hospitality of my host, especially his hot tub.

I left ABQ on Sat. and made it as far as Bakersfield, CA. It was just over a 12 hour drive. The next day I headed up to Sacramento and got here just after noon. I was pleased to finally meet snifflesthelion and nekomonthetiger who both stopped by for a short visit. Yesterday I turned Ursus into a train nerd as I made him drive me to Roseville to see the ex-Southern Pacific now Union Pacific yards there. We were treated to a view of their rotary snowplows getting steamed up for possible duty on Donner Pass. I'd love to see those things in operation one of these days. Today I took a long drive to Lake Tahoe to see the lake in Winter splendor. On the way there I took a nice long walk with Anubis in the snow. He has been a really good dog on the trip so far despite sharing the Grizzly Den with 3 cats.

Anyway.....I shall see those of you that are going to FC sometime over the next few days. Look for y room parties and stop by. If you see me walking around the hotel with Anubis, be sure to stop us and give us both a scritch.
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