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The FC con report

I see by the old Friends List that the flood of FC reports has begun. Allow me to add my $0.02. While not the perfect con, it came pretty darn close. This was my 3rd FC and I have yet to have a really bad experience of any sort. There were a few down moments for me, but they were completely overwhelmed by the good moments. It seemed that the vibe of the con peaked early this year. Most years Thursdays are pretty mellow and it's Saturday night when things are at their most crazy. It appeared to me that things were almost at full steam by Thursday night and that Friday was pretty crazy.

One of the main reasons to attend a con is to hang out with friends. If you don't have very many friends, it is a good place to get to meet some new ones. This year Kitty and I once again roomed with probably our dearest and closest friends, albear and dexter_fox. It was great to hang out with them again. Of course we had room parties every night where folks could get together, have a drink, and chill out for a bit. I think on Saturday night we had about 30 people in the room at one point. Thank you to all of you that contributed a few bucks for the alcohol or brought a bottle of your own to add to the collection. It was most unexpected but most appreciated. Shout outs go to chakawolf for chilling out with us a bunch of times, rorydedog for giving Anubis lots of snuggles, and furitz and his mate freefox for the companionship and alky goodness. And a special thanks to rockopup for giving Kitty and me a wonderful drawing for not telling anyone that he forgot his pants in our room. Ooops! I guess people know now! *lol*

There were my usual con buddies like firefoxkac, rockwolf, tekfox, kaysho, kayotae, shadowolf, quentincoyote, wipeout_ut, t_wolf, tugsie, thrashbear, bradhound, anya_silverfur, bearknight, bluebear72, the_cyber_bear, cubstatik, nonamecub, hoofdahorse, saharalion, jimwolf24, merashallen, lupine_fox, growlcoon, nevermint, bennetfox, hunterkitty, pyrophin, n2kenai, jwoulf, and zotcoon

There were also those whom I had met briefly at other cons and had a chance to say a few words to like siegewolf, tokala_husky, lilpup, chem_explosion, sashapup, foxymoonheart, rummy_raccoon, jonnyblanco, stego_s_aurus, and brophey

It was a pleasure to meet a few new people even though we had already met online like renniefox and jedd_marten, winterwolf319, tarnac, djmermaid, and jovino

Highlights of the con included the Melting Pot dinner on Thursday night. Kudos to Kitty for pulling this together. It was a 3-hour, 4-course extravaganza that was only marred by the lack of parking in downtown San Jose. We received a great complement from a couple of furs from Switzerland who had accompanied pyrophin to the restaurant. They said they were pleasantly surprised to find a nice group of furs who could get together and have an elegant meal.

The other great highlight for me was Furry Night Live. I was stressing all day Sunday on the preparation of my 2 skits. I was especially worried that "A Christmas Story" would bomb because I could not memorize my lines to save my life. My other skit, The Dogfather, also needed to have the dialog recorded and I was working with an unknown fur who was performing for the very first time and we had had no rehearsals. Big bear hugs go to yippee and camerapup for helping me get the skit recorded. At the show, "A Christmas Story" came off as very "meh." Myself, Kitty, yippee, and theome re-created the famous "deranged Easter Bunny" scene from the movie. I flubbed my lines, had a wardrobe malfunction while doing a quick costume change, and had feedback problems which made doing the dialog a real challenge. I'll have to see a recording to see just how bad it came off. Things could not have been better, however, for "The Dogfather." Everything worked perfectly! Lucky Le Pue did an outstanding job for his very first performance. radjin did a wonderful job as my henchman, and donkeyears had a perfectly timed cameo at the end. I knew I had a hit when a line about LJ which I had hoped to get a small laugh got a roar of laughter instead. I left the stage floating on air. Things got even better when I was asked if I had wanted the skit to be judged. I had not put down that I wanted it judged because I felt like I was just doing it for fun. I told them to go ahead and add me if there was not a problem. It seems that the judges had liked my skit so much that they had wondered why it wasn't on the list. Wow! Talk about being flattered! I ended up winning 3rd prize! Whoot! Congrats to bearknight for taking 1st with his skit.

Other highlights included performing as Basalt and having a great time playing with a great dane. I wasn't the 1st fursuiter at the con, but came close. I walked around as Abbey on Thursday and had my picture taken a few times by people from the eBay convention that was winding down. The In-n-Out Burger run was a bit rushed, but it was a fun time. I also picked up a few art pieces in the art show including a Dark Natasha print and a Roz Gibson original.

Anubis had a pretty good time at the con. He received lots of pets and skritches. He never quite got used to the elevator and would sprawl on the floor whenever it started to move. He got to meet a few other dogs at the con including thrashwolf's Albie. He had no problem interacting with the fursuiters except during the post-parade shoot when he felt a little overwhelmed.

There were only a few negative things about the con. One, I missed out on the Critterlympics. This was pretty much my fault because I just didn't sign up. I figured that I didn't sign up the night before so I wouldn't be able to participate the next day. I heard that there were slots available. *shrugs* The other event I missed was the fursuit parade. This one I was extremely pissed about. It clearly stated in the program that the parade began at 11:30. When I got downstairs at 11:30 the parade was ending and everyone was lining up for the group pic. My plan had been to walk Anubis while wearing Zunipup. Oh well. Maybe another time.

Last year we had the marathon belly dancing controversy. This year we had the Trigger Happy Squirrel Incident. If you hadn't heard, THS donated 20 big horse plushies from "Spirit." He wanted them auctioned off at the end of the FNL event. On the surface it was a very nice gesture. Knowing THS, however, it was another attempt to buy his way into the fandom. All of us suiters were used to having a curtain call and that would be the end. This year with the judging of skits, we had figured there would be a curtain call with the reading of the winners. Instead of this, however, we had the plushie raffle. It would have been o.k., but many people had already left and many suiters who had tickets were on stage and unable to check their numbers. The end result was that the auction took forever! Most of us suiters walked off stage. The auction continued and people started to get pissed that things were taking so long. Finally, diadexxus had enough. She had done a skit about a drunk Scottish dog, and so she put on her head, grabbed her whiskey bottle, and staggered out on stage. We watched on the back stage monitor as she deliberately stumbled into the raffle barrel and sent raffle tickets flying in all directions. A great cheer went up from back stage as the auction was declared over. Knowing now that I had won an award, I was pissed that I never had a chance to receive it in front of the audience. I felt somewhat bad for THS that his good deed did not go unpunished, but once again, I, and most all other suiters, know that it was just a ploy to buy some attention. And while Dia's actions were somewhat mean, she did what we were all wishing we could have done. I had hoped that THS was finally coming around after he stopped flaunting the fact that his suit was on t.v. Walking down the hall and seeing his room door covered in pictures of himself, I think he still has a long way to go.
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