May 15th, 2003


Albufurque '03

After I published last night's entry, I was contacted by Ratman down in Socorro. He and I chatted about setting up a NM Furmeet. This has been batted around in the past, but it seems like there is more interest now. I really would like to be known as the Uncle Kage of NM in terms of herding the cats into some sort of cohesive group like I've heard exist in So. Cal. I have no problem opening my den up to a bunch of furiends. Let's see if I can pull off "Albufurque '03"

Just as I was about to hit the sack last night, I was serenaded by a pack of 'yotes right in back of my house. I joined them in song for a brief time, much to the shock of my neighbor, no doubt. They were still yipping this morning off in the distance. They must be getting ready for the full moon/lunar eclipse tonight.
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