May 19th, 2003


More fursuiting!

I wanted to write down all of my feelings last night coming right off of my 2nd day of fursuiting at the Rio Grande Nature Center, but I was inundated by chat requests. God, I love having so many wonderful furiends! Unfortunatley, my body said "NO MAS!" and I nearly fell asleep at the keyboard. So here I am all bright-eyed and bushy tailed on a Monday (why is that SO wrong!) When I came home yesterday, I don't know if it was exhaustion or what, but I frequently just burst out laughing to myself, to the point of laughing until I cried. It was just that wonderful of a day. All the great hugs. All the great stories. All the great words of praise. I could write a short story. I even had a kinda sweat lodge type vision. For a time I ceased to be Ed pretending to be Sabot, and became Sabot that sometimes likes to pretend he's a human. My human life became an illusion. It was a very cool feeling!
I should mention the one bad moment of the day. I helped clean the cat area at Animal Humane before heading over to the RGNC. Just before I left I went into the cat receiving area. There I saw cages and cages FULL of mewing kittens. GODDAMNIT! Have your pets fixed!! *growling bear* I almost cried when I saw all of those fuzzy faces. *gets off soapbox* O.K. I'm much better now.
Have a furry day!
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