May 20th, 2003


New Mexico doesn't blows!

First, my apologies to Al Bear and Thrash Bear as well as all of those on #ALF. I lost my connection last night during a New Mexico Spring tradition...mega-winds. It was getting late anyways, so I just went to bed. I also enjoyed another New Mexico Spring tradition...the invasion of the cut worm moths. Mt house looked like "Silence of the Lambs." I stopped the body count after around 80. I've got "moth dust" all over the friggin' place. That sh*t is hard to clean, too.
On a much nicer note, I finally got my Dark Natasha print back from the frame shop. It now hangs proudly above my "shrine" of nick-nacks I have picked up from my travels around the globe. I loved the reaction of the frame shop guy when I brought it in. "Oh! What a neat raccoon! Wait! He's carrying...a....sword?!?" hehehe. You find something unusual about that?
Oh fun! I have "Conflict and Dispute Resolution" Training all day today and tomorrow. I have a good solution..."AK 47! When you absolutely positively have to kill every muthah f*ckah in the room! Accept no substitutions!" For 10 points and a bear hug, name that movie!