May 22nd, 2003


Playing hookie

I just decided to say "screw it!" today and blew off work. I've been feeling kinda funny lately, and I thought a little break would be in order. I also saw that "Cowboy Bebop" was playing at the local art theater, so I thought I would check it out this afternoon.

I think I'm starting to overdose on Furry. Anything not furry related is becoming increasingly unimportant, including work. This weekend will be the first one in a month when I haven't fursuited, and I'm going into withdrawl. I can't wait to put in a volunteer application to the Rio Grande Zoo. They have events all Summer long.

I've also been exploring the more fringe furry fetishes lately and have found myself intrigued by them rather than repulsed. Mayhaps I'm becoming a furvert?
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    "Why Aye Man"--Mark Knopfler

I'm much better now

Yup! Didn't go to work! And I did go see "Cowboy Bebop" And I did see a way cool trailer for a movie named "Bunny". It seems to be a film about a guy in a bunny fursuit. I almost jumped outta my seat. MUST SEE! Hmmm. It looks like my "furvert" comment has generated some comments. hehe. Then a furvert I shall be!