May 25th, 2003


Raging Bull

Why do we hurt the ones we love? Last night I jumped all over one of my bestest furiends just because he had someplace to go. I got all pissed at him and just shut off my computer. Then I started to cry as I stared at the blank screen. Then I recreated a scene from "Raging Bull." I felt like Jake Lamata after he screwed over his brother. For his personal penance, he lets Sugar Ray Robinson pound the living hell out of him. Me, I let Al do that. Al Kahall. As I was getting smashed, listening to melancholy jazz, another fur tried to contact me, but he too blew me off. More alcohol. Then a third did the same to me. I exploded. I did manage to get one flaming message out. A few minutes later the phone rings, and it was my 3rd furiend. We chatted for quite awhile. Soon, almost scarily, my screen erupted with chat requests. And so I chatted the night away until the weight of all the booze forced me to sleep. I then paid for it this morning with a raging hangover.

I did my Sunday morning at the Humane Association and then headed to Wildlife West for their little festival. Yes, I fursuited! 5 weeks in a row! WooHoo! Not too many kids, but enough to have made it worthwhile. Lots of good hugs, skritches, and photo ops.

No camping for me this weekend. There are thuderstorms and there are too many looney tunes and cops on the roads. Best just to stay at home and spend a lazy morning sipping coffee and eating Pop Tarts.
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