May 26th, 2003


A Day to Catch Up

Well, I did today what I said I would. I got up "late" 7:00 (hey, when you got a cat jumping on your chest and a dog licking your face, you get up!). I sat out on my patio and drank coffee and ate Pop Tarts and cinnamon toast while reading the paper and watching the birds and critters frolic on the hillside. After my post about "Raging Bull" I decided I needed to watch it again. Then I cleaned up as many moth carcasases as I could. I treated myself to a nice steak on the grill for dinner. *burp* Yeah. Life is good.

I told berin in a chat yesterday that I was gonna put in some nice words about him in a journal entry. He has been my stabilizing force during my turbulent times. He always had kind words for me especially when I was dealing with the death of my dad earlier this year. Thanks again bruin buddy.
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    "Come Back Home"--Pete Yorn