May 28th, 2003


The Real World

This is a continuation of yesterday's entry about how my life is starting to resemble reality t.v. Back in '99 I had just got back from a trip to Australia where I had fallen in love with the country. I couldn't get enough of it! It just so happened that MTV's "Road Rules" had been filming in Australia at about the same time. So I eventually ended up watching the entire series to get glimpses of the beloved country. This also lead to my watching "The Real World." Even though I knew it was mostly bullshit, I couldn't help but wishing my life was filled with such social intrigue. Alas, my life was more than boring as I dug my solitary den even deeper.

Now I find myself thrust into the forefront of many issues between so many good furiends of so many different backgrounds. As I strive to take some sort of leadership role as well as trying to fulfill my own desires in matters of the heart, I find that I am starting to live in my own little version of a reality t.v. show. I am constantly confronted by issues both silly and sublime. All of the crap that I saw on the screen is now coming true in my own life. Problem is, I can't change the channel. This is life. This is my new reality. Wow. Imagine that. Could this be what is meant by "get a life?" Maybe I'm 10 years late to the party, but I'm here now, ready to put a lampshade on my head and become the "life of the party."
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