May 31st, 2003


A rant 2 Gryphon would be proud of

So this morning I wake up in a mega-happy-yippy-skippy-furry mood which scares the hell out of me because that means either a) It will be followed by a mega-depression in a few days or b) something bad will happen to level things out. Answer: (b) An hour later I'm cruising down I-40 heading to Wildlife West when I get caught in a speedtrap that would be the envy of any redneck southern sheriff. I'm hoping for a warning, but officer friendly informs me that my license expired 2 weeks ago. WTF! I received no notice! Oh, they don't do that. Cut me some slack! I won't give you a ticket for that, but here's a speeding ticket. The motherfucker was parked at the point where the speed limit drops from 75 to 65 for a construction zone. Gee! I was going 10 mph over at precisely that point! Don't give me 10 seconds to slow down! I'm sorry people call cops bears. It's an insult to bears. The only comparison should be between cops and the steaming piles of shit we leave in the woods.
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