June 1st, 2003


Boingy Boingy

I've come to realize the symptoms to my little bouts of depression. Yesterday I started off on a high which quickly became a low which then balanced out which then went to another low. The low was a feeling of being unloved, alone, friendless, etc. I realized this was bullshit, and trudged on. Tonight I've had some wonderful chats with furiends, and am now back on a high. My problem is a somple one, my expectations are just WAY too high. I am wanting to meet every fur in the world and have meaningful chats with all of them every day. I don't have too lofty goals, do I? And of course, no one has anything better to do than to send me an email the moment they receive one from me. Yeah, I'm a bonehead. But it does give me a goal to search out the fursons I'd like to meet and just do it. There. I feel much better already.
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