June 4th, 2003


The Collar

I've been wearing my collar to work for a few months now. One might think that working for the federal government, that would be be unthinkable. However, they are always beating "diversity in the workplace" into our heads, so being "different" is tolerated.
It first started off as a "joke." We were made to wear identification badges, so I bought the collar and hung the id from it. Since I am the office comedian (weirdo), it was readily accepted. Then we moved to a new office and no longer needed badges. I, however, continued to wear the collar. I did get a few, "Why are you still wearing that thing?" to which I smirked and replied, "I like to accessorize."
Yesterday I showed my new driver's license to a few people. They all laughed. I think I even let slip that it was my "furry license." Anyway, the assistant area manger (2nd in charge) came into my cubicle to talk about a project. He looked at me and just started laughing. "I just love that collar! You need spikes." BTW, This wasn't the first time he had seen it. Then he surprised me and said, "I'm gonna have to bring one from home and wear it to the office too." I can't remember if I made some comment about furry or not. If I had, it went over his head. It's cool having a fun-loving mad-scientist type in upper management.