June 5th, 2003


Extreme Dog Walking

Yesterday kicked off the extreme dog walking season. Every evening I take my dog on a 2 mile walk on top of the mesa in back of my house. It is a huge expanse of open land with just a few scattered pinions. It will most likely be covered in houses in about 10-20 years (but Abbey the eco-terrorist raccoon WILL have his say! bwaa haa haa!) So here in the SW we have the summer monsoons. The heating of the day causes clouds to form eventually leading to thunderstorms. They technically haven't started yet because the moisture hasn't been pumped up from Mexico yet (usually around July 4th). But we did have thunderstorms form yesterday. So here I am walking on this flat plain with very unstable air all around. There was no lightning, but all it takes is one bolt. Once again my dog was the smart one. He kept wanting to turn around and go home. I'll tell you, though, it does get your adrenaline going. I've been out there when I could taste the ozone and there were a few *flash* *BANGs* Oh, my dog HATES me when I take him out into those. Can you blame him?

I spent waaayy too much time online last night. I can't help myself! Too many wonderful people out there! I think the ship is safely sailing the seas again, although there may be some rocks ahead. Its roll reversal time. I ran the ship aground by feeling left out and that friends were salting the wound. It was just me being stupid and overly sensitive. But I have been mentioning all of the folks I have been chatting with and all of the new furiends I have been meeting almost on a daily basis and I can sense that by doing so I myself am now squirting lemon juice on a wounded lonely soul. I hope I'm wrong.

I'm just a gregarious fur. I love the feeling of being tied into a network, and I hope I can then use that network to help others along. Case in point: I have just started chatting with a NC fur. He thought he was the only one (gee! you haven't heard THAT one before). Through one of my NC contacts I was able to hook him into a Yahoo group. I have been also very active in herding cats here in NM. O.K. herding raccoons. I've helped get 3 furs into the NM_Furry group in the past couple of months (casts a twinkling eye towards emberflowers) The latest one just a couple of days ago. It was nice to get a brief IM from him yesterday. I'm still working on making mr_silvers a happy dragon, but I'll settle for a smile. First, get him to the furmeet.

It was also great to chat with cal_foxx last night. I first saw his name in fursuit and then again in lifestylers. I saw we were the same age and that he was from a small town in Illinois where one of my college roommates was from. Hey, from what I have been experiencing, in this community, it was a real possibility that they could have known each other. No dice. *shrugs* But it was very cool that he was willing to chat with a bear that just dropped out of the blue.

OMG! I'm long winded today! Gee! Think I'm happy today? *grin*