June 7th, 2003


Surfs up!

Riding another furry high today. Had a great night of chat last night. 2 simultaneous yiff sessions. *woof* I was spent. Then just before signing off, I start a chat with 2 local furs. They're jazzed about my furmeet in 2 weeks. Kewl! Then another furiend logs on. So I get to sleep at....12:45. So much for enjoying some sleep.

Up at 5:45 to go voluteer at Wildlife West. Michelle, the usual Sat. keeper was busy so I worked with Rene' who is a young YCC person and kind of a keeper-in-training. She's much more fun to work with. I gave Moonshadow the mountain lion a good skritching today. He just seemeed very affectionate so I reached in as far as I could through the fence and skritched as hard as I could. Man, can that cat purr! I also let him stalk and pounce me through the fence. He wouldn't leave his "air-lock" so I snuck around to the far side of the enclosure and crouched down. Soon he was slinking towards me with his belly to the ground. I started to run and he sprung toward the fence. I fell to all fours and looked him right in the eye. He stopped right at the fence and began purring and rubbing. Nice kitty. I also got good nuzzles from the deer and elk. I was also pleasantly shocked to hear that folks are jazzed that I'm getting a raccoon suit. Since the park has 3 raccoons, it is a little more appropriate than the bear (although they do love the bear as well). Speaking of which, they're having a bluegrass music fest next week and they want the bear to make an appearance. Cool!

I'm getting more pissed at the Rio Grande Zoo. I submitted a volunteer application almost 2 weeks ago to be a fursuiter. Maybe they don't know how to handle my request. *shrugs* All I know is that they had their first summer music fest last night and I saw on the news all of the happy kids running around. DAMN! It's the perfect fursuiting locale! CALL ME! YOU SCUMBAGS! *ahem*

Also, I drove through the speedtrap where I got stopped last week. I timed it. You have 4 seconds from the warning sign of the reduced speed to the speed limit sign. WTF!!! If the judge upholds the ticket, I'm becoming an anarchist. That's total bullshit.

Other than that....I'm one happy bear tonight!
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