June 8th, 2003


"Bunny"...the review

I was originally going to write about such small insignificant topics such as love and relationships. I was going to include a brief.."Oh, and BTW, I went to go see the movie "Bunny" today." As it turned out, the movie had more significance to me than I had thought. Synopsis...A couple from E. Europe come to the U.S. and get jobs as bunnies that are supposed to make people feel good by just standing on street corners and hopping. I really began identifying with the bunnies as they just stood there silently while people told them their sob stories or just broke down in their paws because their lives were so filled with grief. There was one scene which involved a suicide where I completely broke down in the theater. The movie really seemed to sum up my life. Here I am, the happy bear doing his dance for everyone, giving comfort to any and all that approach. And I must maintain that happiness and continue to dance for everyone no matter what goes on inside myself. Fianlly at the end of the movie, the main character takes comfort in a bunny herself. I hope that when this bear needs comfort, there will be a whole menangerie of critters waiting to welcome me with open paws.
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