June 10th, 2003


I Fought the Law...

As I feared, today's day in court was nothing more than to set a date for a real hearing. D'oh! Why plead not guilty just so you can go in to plead not guilty again. Grrrrrr. Knowing my luck they'll schedule a date for the week of AC. Oh well. My clean driving record must be defended! In it for a penny...in it for a pound.

Had a very nice night yesterday. I was in a good karma zone. All was at peace. I was pleasnatly surprised by a chat request from a lurker that had been reading my posts. We chatted for hours. I like being a big friendly bear. So all of you lurkers out there...give me a shout. I also found out that my dear furiend mrcougar has been prowling around my posts. Very cool! Just don't spray!! ;P

Another big hug to cnipur for getting me interested in this LJ thing. He said it was a great way to meet folks, and he was right. It makes me a happy bear!
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I had an idea for a screenplay today. Here it is. If you steal it, at least give me credit.
A lonely guy seeks a relationship through the Internet. He goes to a chat room/newsgroup and begins to make friends with the group. There are a wide variety of people with all sorts of personalities/wants/needs/desires. And there is one flaming asshole that shits on everyone in the group. The lonely guy begins different friendships with the various memebers, revealing different innermost secrets to different people. He falls in love with a lovely lady while also having tiny sex with a gay man. He also has running battles with the asshole. Finally he sets up a meet with his ladyfriend. He shows up, but is stood up. Devistated, he returns home to tell the group of his tale of woe. Everyone from the group types the same thing, "LOSER!". Finally it gets to the asshole who types "Gotcha!" Then there can be a couple of endings. One, the screen fills with HAHAHAHAHAHA while the guy weeps. Two, the guy kills himself. Three, another person is seen logging on with a message from one of the "group" saying "HI!" (extreme closeup of the screen. Focus on flashing cursor after "HI!". Fade to black.
Not based on personal experience, although I did joke about this to a now very close friend when we met FTF for the first time.
So, what do you think?