June 18th, 2003


Friendly Bear

To add insult to injury, I had to work late last night. When I got home, a thunderstorm was brewing, so I nixed my dog walk. I had a few drinks and went online. I chatted for a bit while the storm blew over. Finally it appeared safe, so I went for my dog walk with a nice buzz going. When I got back, I resumed chatting. A very depressed and distressed friend came on. I thought a more personal contact was needed, so I gave him a call. We talked for quite awhile. By the time I hung up, it sounded like he was in a better mood. I sure hoped so. I resumed chatting with other friends when we became worried about another friend that had been AWOL for a few days. So I got on the phone and gave him a call. He was fine, just depressed. I managed to get him online to let the others know he was o.k. So here I was, ready to spend an evening all depressed about my cancelled trip, and I end up being the one with open paws hugging my friends in need. And you know what...it did my heart a world of good as well. So I went to bed a happy bear. Just so all of you know that there's a friendly bear out there always willing to lend a paw.