June 19th, 2003



Maybe it's the waning moon, but there seems to be an awful lot of depression floating around. I'm trying to mainatain a level-headed attitude, but it's becoming very difficult with all of my friends coming down with various levels of depression. I have to keep slapping myself because I can very easily get myself dragged down by my wanting to help everyone out. I'll start thinking about that devil called "distance", and down the spiral I will descend. I'm glad I got my tickets to LA in 2 weeks (such a long ways away! *sob*) so I can cheer up the one friend that needs me the most. Hang in there! I know you're reading this! You're my #1 fanboi! *HUGS* The one thing I can do for all of you is listen and empathize. I've been down this road myself. I know what you're feeling. You can't keep it inside. Share your feelings! Get them off your chest! Don't let things fester. A little online yiff never hurt either *wink* Maybe my life will take the turn where I will be like "Bunny." I'll make it my job to stand on street corners and pass out warm bear hugs to all of the people that are stressed and depressed. Book title: "My Life as a Plushie" Go ahead. Make a joke about a strategically ripped seam.
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