June 20th, 2003


Finally Funkin' Friday

Not much to report today. The usual nice evening of chats (I wasn't even aware that I had 11 windows open last night at one point! eep!) There was still one person that wasn't there. *sob* I need a nuzzle from my brother bear. I'll be making the Costco run tonight to get the final stuff for the big furmeet tomorrow! Yee-haw! Hopefully there will be good reports on Sat evening or Sunday from emberflowers mr_silvers tenax and (crosses claws) grygon. As for me, I'll be fursuiting for KBAC on Sunday up in Santa Fe. Woot! I hope I have some time to file a report sometime on Sunday. Excuse me while I go do a happy bear dance.
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    "Four Days"--Counting Crows